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Ear Problems in Dogs and Other Pets

This category of articles on deals with the often disturbing issue of ear problems in dogs and other pets. Animals can have a wide array of ear infections and abnormalities just like humans, and if not treated correctly, could lead to hearing loss. There are a number of ear infections in pets which may be viral, bacterial and fungal in nature. This section will provide a brief overview of these and other ear problems occurring in our furry friends, and direct you to related articles for more detailed information.

Common problems in pets include:

  • Ear problems in dogsOtitis media/Otitis interna: These are the most common ear problems in dogs. Media is inflammation of the middle ear, while interna is swelling of the inner ear. This problem is often caused by bacteria. These infections are particularly common in dogs that have long ears such as the Labrador Retriever. Cats often have this ear infection, but not as regularly as dogs. Pets may experience pain when opening their mouth and you can notice it in the animal’s reluctance to eat solid foods and chew. Your pet may often tilt its head, which is another tell-tale sign.
  • Hematoma: This is often caused by the rupturing of little blood vessels underneath the skin. This problem could result in hemorrhage in between the cartilage and skin and is also more common in dogs than cats.
  • Earwax discharge: This is another common problem in pets. You may notice that he/she has excessive wax discharge, which may be impairing their hearing. At this point you may wish to begin administering ear drops.

A number of ear abnormalities in pets could also lead to ear problems. A common ear abnormality is mange caused by microscopic mites. Mites tend to affect the skin of pets and can cause ear related problems, more frequently in cats.

Ear growth abnormalities in pets, such as tumors within the ear canal, could be both benign or malignant. Ear cancer in dogs is also known as adenocarcinoma and can be quite painful. Ear infections are also very common for animals that have allergies. This is because the membrane around the ear is a lot softer than the other parts of the body.

Some of the most common pet ear issues are easily cured with over the counter ear drops for dogs. There are also some home remedies for dog ear infection such as thyme and aloe vera. Aloe vera is a great herbal cure for dog ear infection and can reduce inflammation. You may hear some people say: “my dog keeps scratching his ear,” and this can very often be the result of an easily treated ailment. Peruse the list of articles below to help your little buddy in the safest and most effective means possible.

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