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George Kramer has many years of personal and practical experience with ear issues, ranging from ear wax blockages to middle ear infections and mastoiditis. He has a simplistic writing style to help the reader understand exactly what he is trying to say. In this way, the articles on can assist as many people as possible.

Microtia Repair

Microtia is a congenital malformation of the external ear. The phrase microtia translates to “little ear.”  It presents itself in a number of forms, starting from an ear only slightly smaller than normal to a complete absence of the ear.  The latter is known as anotia which means “no ear.”  Microtia occurs approximately once in… Read More »

How Do Cats Get Ear Mites

If your cat has ever contracted ear mites, you know better than anyone: scratching’s not just for dogs. A fairly common problem in young cats, living with these small 8-legged parasites is not a pleasant experience for your furry friend. To make your cat’s life easier and keep it that way, let’s take a look… Read More »

Yeast Infection in Dogs Ears

Is your canine companion constantly itching, scratching and flapping their ears? Are they giving off a strong odor you just can’t put your finger on? No, they didn’t get into the trash – at least, they probably didn’t. These are actually symptoms of yeast infection in dogs ears. Find out more on what the symptoms… Read More »

Mastoid Infection of the Ear

Situated behind the ear, the mastoid bone is made up of numerous air sacs whose function is to assist in the drainage process within the middle ear. When cells within the mastoid bone are inflamed or infected, individuals develop a fairly rare condition known as mastoiditis. Also referred to as mastoid infection of the ear,… Read More »

Ear Drops for Dogs

Ear care is an extremely important piece of your dog’s health that can often be forgotten until you see the dreaded head shake as your best friend’s way of saying “Something is going on in my ears! HELP!” I have been there, and when my dog has an ear infection, I have learned to treat… Read More »

Ear Wax in Dogs

Introduction Just as is the case with human beings, the ears are important to your dog’s daily routine. Aside from the fact that they are a vital source of audio-information and help in maintaining body balance, they also assist in maintaining normal body temperatures by gradually radiating excess body heat. In the event that a… Read More »